Duke of Wellington Norwich

Cask Ales Coming Soon


Please note this section is subject to change as some of these beers may be on sale at time of updating.

Beer % ABV Colour Brewery
Encore 3.8 Light Lacons
Canary 3.8 Light Green Jack
Night Rider 3.9 Copper Wolf
Cad 4.0 Medium Leatherbritches
Blondie 4.0 Blonde Shortts Farm
Triple Hop 4.0 Light Brunswick
Patriot 4.0 Amber Lacons
Nut Brown 4.0 Brown Adnams
Jack Spitty 4.0 Gold Colchester
Mosaic 4.1 Light Adnams
Texan Triple Hop 4.2 Light Batemans
Urban Fox 4.2 Light/Medium Exmoor
Orange Wheat 4.2 Light Green Jack
Australian Pale 4.4 Pale Nene Valley
Ghostship 4.5 Light/Medium Adnams
Egyptian Cream 4.5 Dark Nene Valley
Tasmanian Wolf 5.0 Amber Wolf
Hop Stash 5.0 Light Nene Valley