Duke of Wellington Norwich

Cask Ales Coming Soon


Please note this section is subject to change as some of these beers may be on sale at time of updating.

Beer % ABV Colour Brewery
Lonely Snake 3.5 Light Three Blind Mice
Banquo 3.8 Light Newby Wyke
Bluebird 3.8 Pale Lenton Lane
Metropolis 3.9 Gold Colchester
Jack Spittys 4.0 Gold Colchester
Summer Dream 4.0 Light Green Jack
Golden 4.0 Gold St Peters
Hoptriptic 4.1 Pale Golden Triangle
Hobson’s Choice 4.2 Light City of Cambridge
Silver Adder 4.2 Light Mauldons
Regatta 4.3 Gold Adnams
Christopher 4.5 Light Great Heck
Prairie Gold 5.0 Gold Wolf
Grandma’s Rich Porter 5.0 Dark Wolf